Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day 16: Magestic Wildlife

One of the very best things about The Baldpate Inn being seven miles outside of the town of Estes Park is the wildlife that flourishes there. Surrounded by lush forests and Rocky Mountain National Park, a peaceful calm settles on the area. From daybreak to nightfall, wildlife thrives around The Baldpate Inn.

Can you spot the wildlife?
A lilting birdsong from a warbler warms the day. A rush of wind may bring with it the cry of eagles, circling above. Fish and aquatic fowl splash in nearby Lily Lake. The chirp of pikas echo around the rocks above the inn as butterflies float by. Many guests successfully seek out various wildlife, including elk, deer, beaver, and moose. Sometimes these large mammals are surprisingly good at blending in!

Wildlife may pop up quite unexpectedly. While on a hike around Lily Lake, I was quite startled by this deer enjoying his meal. It’s a lucky day when you have a surprise wildlife encounter, have your camera handy, and the lens cap is off! 

I recall a story of Jen driving up Highway 7 to The Baldpate Inn one dark evening, only to be very surprised by a bounding mountain lion, caught in the headlights of her trusty station wagon.  And then there was this moose that walked up the driveway in August of 2015! Howdy, folks!

As the day draws to a close, under the brightly twinkling starry skies, the hoot of an owl reminds us that the balance of life in nature continues even as we snuggle down under our quilts to sleep. 

Courtesy of NPS / Ann Schonlau

Encountering the grandeur of wildlife is one of the best surprises of life, and a common occurrence around The Baldpate Inn. Do you have a wildlife story to share? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

Written by Liz Rodgers

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