Friday, March 10, 2017

Day 25: Theater at Baldpate: Part Three, Dance Hall to Sundeck to Key-thedral Theater

As mentioned yesterday, the Sundeck really was an evolution over a number of years.

Because of the wonderful old native stone fireplace, we first started there with the intent of just providing our guests a place to sit in the sun and enjoy nature. 

Sundeck 1989

With the ever more popular theater crowd, we determined we needed more space, so phase two became not just a place in the sun, but an “event” option for weddings and our own little outdoor theater. MacKenzie and his dog worked hard to make it all come together!

MacKenzie's dog, Leika, working hard! 1999

The Sundeck turned out beautifully and remains a lovely spot for guests to enjoy the outdoors, but it wasn't finished yet! 

Sundeck before stage was added in 2009

Our final phase came with the creation of our covered shell stage, now christened the “Baldpate Key-thedral Theater” by MacKenzie.

2009 stage renovation
Interesting to note, building on the original footings, our current Key-thedral Theater is only about half the size of the 1921 original casino structure!

Written by Lois Smith

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