Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day 19: Is Baldpate Haunted?

This is a question I am often asked by guests and especially those interested in paranormal activities, perhaps because of our neighboring famous city mouse hotel with its connection to Stephen King’s novel. (I like to say we are the “country mouse,” log & lace, while The Stanley Hotel is the “city mouse,” more glitz & gold.)  While we both tie our history to famous mystery novels, (us, Seven Keys to Baldpate, them, The Shining) I would have to tease that they copied us, since our book about visiting a closed for the winter mountain summer resort was first published in 1913!!

And of course I have to agree with this 1997 Palm Beach Post article about the real Key to Room 217, inviting folks to check “down the road.”

Naturally our staff loves playing up the possibilities of the Inn being haunted between themselves. I can recall dental floss which moved rocking chairs and closed doors from a distance, various incidents of “ghosts” jumping out of trap doors and boxes followed by screams and uncontrollable laughter.

And then there are the guests that like to play jokes on each other.  There was the group of couples from Fort Collins, that brought cardboard cutouts of celebrities along and arranged for them to show up in the most alarming places.

While Baldpate has been written up in several books about ghosts, personally I don’t really believe I would classify our lodge as haunted.  That said, I do truly believe Baldpate is enchanted. The difference being, Baldpate’s special enchantment is not dark or frightening, but more of a comforting spirit, a sense of place & time. It just has a special aura about it, more of an emotional bond with those who have visited. I would promote that these bonds and memories made by spending time with friends and family at Baldpate are truly one of the Keys to Happiness.

What do you think?
Written by Lois Smith

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