Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 29: 3.14 Pie Day!

2017 Spring Pie Extravaganza
Ok, given we are a family of foodies, I guess it was just to be expected that we would come up with family gatherings that centered around pie-eating contests.  In fact we just had one a few weeks ago at my sister’s home in Morrison!   We’ve tried some dandies over the years! —the avocado one, not so good, the peeled grape one, way too much work, the Swedish Apple, always a family fav!  Who knows, one of these 2017 winners might show up on our menu!

My mom, Esther Hoke, is really the inspiration for our pies.  Growing up in the Midwest (Ohio), I thought everyone had meat, potatoes, a vegetable, bread and then pie for dessert every night!  Mom loved to cook and entertain and was ready to try new “healthy” recipes.  Enter the non-lard pie crust, made with Wesson oil which I am sure she determined was not only better for your health but much easier to make. In my family, having a pie in the freezer has always been just basic insurance for drop in company.

Grandpa Sam checking for leftovers!
My dad, Sam Hoke, is the reason we are so generous with our pie. He said if we were going to charge “that much” it better be a full one-sixth pie!  And he when he was ordering, he would never forget the ice cream on top!

When we discovered that The Baldpate Inn was homesteaded via the Agricultural Act, of course we pondered, so what was the crop?  Rhubarb was the key!!  Even today, our rhubarb pie is among the top sellers.

Rhubarb Pie

I sure wish I’d kept track because I am often asked, how many pies have we sold?  Don’t really know, but I do know some days we make 30 or 35 pies. Hmm, 30 pies x 100+days x 30+ years--you do the math, it makes me tired!

What you may not know, is that our staff is only allowed to eat the “leftover” or damaged pies. You can imagine the definition of damaged seems to vary in the eye of the beholder!

While I make most of the pies, our seasonal cooks are always most proud when they master the crust and complete a pie!
Cook Cori

Lawrence, Cook Kaylin & Angie
Cook Lucas

Cook Piper & Seth

Of course like any kitchen, we do have our moments too when things get a little overdone!
Cook Traci with well done apple pie!

Written by Lois Smith

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