Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 20: Baldpate’s Keeper of the Keys, Beloved Gnome

Baldpate Gnome
A kid’s favorite (and master of our Junior Key Keepers Scavenger Hunt) is our Baldpate Key Room Gnome. 

This delightful handmade wood carving found its home at Baldpate’s Key Room in 1992.  Baldpate guests, Thurston & Shirley Bridges, who had stayed with us for many years, always enjoy spending time sitting on the front porch visiting with other guests and carving their unique gnomes.  We approached them about doing a special carving for our 75th birthday and our beloved gnome was born! 
Thurston begins with a log
Since kids almost always are first to spot our Gnome in the Key Room, when our curators decided to do a special kids adventure, he came immediately to mind as the clever cluemaster! 

He will mischievously guide you around our Key Collection to discover special keys that are designated as part of the Baldpate’s "Roam with the Gnome Collection." And if, and only if you can find them all, you will earn the coveted Junior Key Keeper Award and Ribbon. 

Be careful, he will be watching you closely the entire time to be sure you are learning as you go!
Unneeded pieces

Our Gnome begins to emerge
Shirley begins her transformation

Gnome holds our 7 keys

Come see if you can find him in our key collection! 

Written by Lois Smith

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