Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Day 15: Hummingbirds at The Baldpate Inn

When you visit The Baldpate Inn, you’ll be delighted to see that you are not alone – quite often, a “charm” of hummingbirds is present. Yes, a group of hummingbirds is called a charm, and it is quite appropriate!  These tiny birds charm many guests as they dart and hover with tremendous agility, flashing their jeweled colors

Hummingbird feeders surround the deck and are suspended outside the windows of the Sun Porch dining area, adding great entertainment and fascination for guests of all ages. Six species of hummingbirds frequent the area each summer.


Out on the front deck, if you can stay very still, these tiny birds will allow you to get quite close as they enjoy their sweet meal. 

If you’re the one who is hungry, you are in for a treat with a window seat in the Sun Porch dining room. To enjoy a scrumptious meal, with views stretching into the picturesque Estes valley, serenaded by aerial acrobats – this is truly an experience to treasure. 

Sun Porch dining
Feeders hanging outside the Sun Porch
Guests and staff have enjoyed observing and learning about hummingbirds during Enchanted Evening presentations. Presentations by bird experts include catching, banding, and releasing the hummingbirds while sharing knowledge about these beautiful “flying jewels.” Stay posted for future Enchanted Evenings topics and more on our Events page.

The hummingbirds will soon head to Baldpate; somehow they always know to arrive on Mother’s Day and depart on Labor Day.  You can join them on opening day, Friday, May 26th.

Do you have a favorite hummingbird memory at The Baldpate Inn? Tell us your story in the comments below.

We would like to thank Bill Boyce for taking and sending many of these awesome pictures!

Written by Liz Rodgers

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