Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Day 8: 221-B Baker Street - Sherlock Holmes Holds the Key

Baldpate Inn Key Collection  221-B Baker Street
This day, 2/21, seems quite the clever clue that we should point you to one of our more imaginative keys in our considerable Key Collection. 221-B Baker Street is the address of the legendary genius, Sherlock Holmes, and we are honored to have a key to his flat! 

This illustrious key along with another especially bejeweled one was donated to The Baldpate Inn by one of the many Murder Mystery Groups that over the years have enjoyed The Baldpate Inn as the perfect setting for their thrilling murder mystery weekends!

1988 Murder Mystery Key
We invite you to imagine days of old as you uncover facts and theories about this key and its history in our Key Room Blog “Elementary, Dear Watson!” With over 30,000 keys in our collection, I imagine that Sherlock Holmes would have quite a grand time sleuthing through them. 

We will be sure to share some of the very best of our key stories with you in our countdown to opening day!
Written by Liz Rodgers

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