Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 5: World famous Baldpate Inn

Even though we’ve been in the same place for 100 years, often we are told that guests that have lived in Colorado ‘forever’ have just discovered us.
What amazes me are the news reports and guest register listings about some of our earliest guests: July 1920 guest from Russia, August 1920 guests from France, June 1922 guests from Netherlands. How ever did these folks know about The Baldpate Inn before the world wide web?  Sure, we have had some rather prestigious feature stories and features over the years, but still!

Love our most recent Key Room story in the January edition of 5280, Denver’s premier lifestyle magazine, and looking back we’ve been pretty blessed in our coverage. We have been featured in Country Living, Forbes, Independence, Historic Traveler, Great Town in America, Diversion, Country Inns, Taste of Home, Bon Appetit, Woman’s Day, Great Inns of America, Frommers, Antiques & Collecting, Motorhome, Inflight GO, USA today, Readers Digest and probably some that I missed.
Before that were years of mentions in Duncan Hines Cookbooks, and perhaps the first big significant 1933 article in Hotel Management! (See article below.)

1943 Nov  Estes Park Trail story Universal Studios
Then you must still consider the Paramount Pictures newsreel in 1943, Universal Studios “Strange as it seems,” along with more recent Discover Channel features.

Let’s face it, we are SPECIAL!

1933 Baldpate feature in Hotel Management

Written by Lois Smith

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