Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 7: Baldpate Fitness Advocates, Then and Now (President's Day)

Did you ever take the President's Fitness Test? Imagine it at 9,000 feet, where The Baldpate Inn stands! There is no doubt about our early connection to outdoor activities, and especially running and marathons.

Charles Mace, one of Baldpate’s founders, was a legendary runner. He captured 2nd place in the Denver Post 1908 Marathon and was a contender for the Olympics during that time. Can you even imagine running miles in those shoes???
Denver Marathon Race
Denver Marathon 1908

Mountain Marathon 1913
Mountain Marathon 1913

Continuing the theme over the years, our Baldpate Staff members have participated in many fitness traditions, including our local annual Allenspark Run Like the Wind event. They often proudly bring home the top honors!

For our 100th year, we are honored to announce our collaboration with the Estes Park Running Club’s Marathon on June 18th.

Baldpate Inn is especially excited to be included as the gathering point for the start of the race day marathon!  

“Challenge Your Body, Inspire Your Soul!” is certainly a theme we can support!

Written by Lois Smith

Baldpate Team winners 2012

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