Monday, February 27, 2017

Day 14: Bears at Baldpate (International Polar Bear Day)

Baldpate is famous for many things, our wildlife one of them (and I’m not talking about our staff here)!  :)  Besides our hummingbirds, the thing that gets our guests excited every time is an on-site visit from our neighborhood bears.  You may have seen one of our most recent adventures, the last Friday night of our 2016 season, when Mama Bear & her 3 cubs visited the Key Room. Our B&B guests were enjoying conversation and cookies in front of the fire, and when Heather our front desk gal, decided to throw another log on the fire, she startled the bear family who turned heel and thankfully scampered for the Library door. Our security cameras caught it on tape, so you can enjoy the adventure on YouTube, Baldpate Bears.

Clearly this was not a first and probably not the last visit of black bears to Baldpate Inn. This 1932 news story tells of Baldpate bear cubs entertaining the guests throughout our history.

Over the years, we've had cars broken into, food stolen from our refrigerators (they seem to favor the green grapes—must be Chardonnay fans), and we even a guest that thought the bear strolling by her was our extra-large friendly pet (her husband ran in to tell us about it while she calmly finished her cigarette in the driveway). 

We do always try to remind our guests that for their own safety and the preservation of these wild animals, please always "bear" in mind safety guidelines. This link to bear safety by the National Park Service has tips and information for next time you are visiting our neighborhood.

Another favorite bear moment was when at her daughter’s wedding, the mother of the bride was giving her emotional & heartfelt toast and the bears upstaged her walking by the Dining Room window at her back. Likely no one remembered that toast!  This "Blondie" was no doubt remembered!

Perhaps my favorite Bear moment was during one of our Key-thedral Theater Events, the driveway and parking lot was crowded with guests and cars coming and going, when a bear walked through.  Of course, then it was total gridlock for some time. When things finally calmed down, an irritated driver chewed me out for not planning the bear visit at a more convenient, less congested time.  As if I’d scheduled the whole thing as part of the evening’s activity!
Written by Lois Smith

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