Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 6: Lily Lake

Lily Lake was once owned privately by The Baldpate Inn, and is now part of our Rocky Mountain National Park. For our guests even today the area still feels like our own outdoor retreat with the majestic backdrop of Longs Peak. Enjoying it today, it is hard to imagine when older guests tell us the lake was named for the lily pads that once covered it.
Lily Lake by  Baldpate Inn, Estes Park Colorado

1950s Baldpate Inn Lily Lake  Massaro photo


Love this old photo sent to us several years ago by the Massaro family in Florida, taken they believe in the 1950s, of Mrs. Massaro and her sister escaping to the Lake.

Baldpate Inn Lily Lake skiing via horsepower

Be it watersports at Lily Lake, horseback riding, or long distance running, Baldpate has long connection with wellness and outdoor activities. 

Not real certain it truly qualifies as an extreme sport, but these early photos at Lily Lake of water skiing via horse power, seems a little crazy in my book!  

Baldpate Inn Lily Lake Jean skiingMaybe one should actually call it surfing???

Written by Lois Smith

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