Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 99: Baldpate Staff Tribute: 2011 - 2016

Staff 2011
Our outstanding 2011 team, with managers Evan, Emily and Courtney ably corralling the gangs from Washington State, Oklahoma and New Mexico was especially fun, be it a night out at a Rockies game or rodeo adventure.

While each year we continue to receive compliments about our exceptional staff, the most recent years staffing has remained a challenge with less local and returning staff.  Campus job fairs were becoming less of the thing, and online recruiting began taking over for the most part.

Staff 2012 - ready for the Rodeo!
With an ever-growing fall season we have relied heavily on our international staff to end well each season. Students from Romania, China, Russia, Croatia and especially Turkey have brought their enthusiasm and curiosity to help us grow in our world view.

Leah, Dillion and Sara accepted the challenges to lead our team in 2012 with students from 16 different colleges.  That’s a lot of different ideas to mesh!

Having staff return to help out in the fall or step up as managers is always to be cherished. That was the case in 2013 with Matt and Kayla were joined by Angela to lead our team of winners!

Staff 2013
You already know the end of our 2013 season was the big flood, but certainly the brightest spot of the year was the arrival of my youngest granddaughter Lola. She burst onto the scene weeks earlier than expected and so visits to NICU were part of the season schedule for more than 2 months.

We were incredibly honored as well in 2013 to have Brad and Renee’s daughter, Lily, as our first “legacy” staff member. A loyal champion for years, we adored having her really join our Baldpate family in this way. The very next year, Alicia, another “legacy” gal joined, bringing photos of when her mom had worked at Baldpate in 1985.

Staff 2014
Abby and Andy led our 2014 super team.  Having the rare opportunity to have an international student return in 2014 was super, but when Claudia brought along a friend, Clara, we knew we were especially fortunate. Those two certainly kept the smiles going.

During these years as well, our American History Savers partners, were deep into databasing our Key Collection and our guests were increasingly interested in learning more, so we decided to create a new Museum Curator staff position. First accepting the challenge to better preserve and improve our exhibits, create educational opportunities and presentations, were Lauren & Sara. Preparations for the Estes Park Friends of the Museum celebrations was a motivation for our 7 Keys Armchair Tour project which is still enjoyed today.

Staff 2015
Realizing how big the project was, in 2013 we expanded to three curators, Luchana, Caitlyn, & Cameron. They were especially creative that year with their 1920’s exhibit, an idea which you will hopefully find repeated this summer in our 100th Birthday Decades project.

Continuing the work, Rachel, Ryan, & Margie in 2014 and Bella & Matthew in 2015 diligently stepped up to work on the database and create activities for kids visiting the Keyroom.

With the end in sight of our Key Room database project, Topher, Hunter, and Natalie in 2016 worked steadily to catch up our unlogged key donations and stay up with our Key Room blogs. 

Staff 2016
Since the time they were able to waddle through the sloping floors of Baldpate, my grandchildren Megan, Mason and Emily have always helped out when they have been on the property with their families. Last year was the first time my three oldest grandkids spent 10 days working alongside the staff without parents onsite. They had an amazing time and will be back this summer for a few weeks! Crazy to think that Jen was 14 and Mac was 9 our first summer and now our guests will be left in the capable hands of Megan (15), Mason (13) and Emily (13).

To enjoy more fun memories, check out our Centennial Staff albums from over the years.

Written by Lois Smith & Jen Macakanja

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