Friday, May 12, 2017

Day 88: A to Z of a Key Collection

When guests or news people experience our Baldpate Key Collection, almost invariably they ask the question, “But do you have a key to ……?”  Most every time the answer is, "Yes!" since we have keys to most everything from A to Z!

A: Adding machine key
B: Bathroom token key
C: Casket key (did you know there was such a thing?)
D: Donkey (relax, it’s just toy stuffed one)
E: Encryption key
Casket key and poem, guest contribution 1937
F: Flunkey
G: Gate key to Sherwood Forest
H: Horse Collar lock key
I: Isle of Enchantment (Puerto Rico) key
J: Judge magazine “Seven Baldpates to a Keyhole”
K: Keyhole
L: Lightening rod key
M: Master key, T.O. Ranch, Raton, NM
N: Not-a-thing key
O: Opera House, Denver’s oldest, Tabor House key
P: Pocket watch key
Q: Quoin key, used to lock print press forms
R: Rollerskate key
S: Sardine can key
T: Transit key for survey
U: Understanding between all nations, “Key to Peace”
V: Violin chin rest key
W: Wheel key from Civil War cannon
X: Xylophone key
Y: Yale key
Z: Zephyr, streamliner train key

Key to the Gate of Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest
Next time you visit, can you find all these keys? 

If you think of a key that we should have in our collection, bring it with you, join the legacy and make an honored donation!     

Written by Lois Smith

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