Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 81: Cinco De Mayo (National Salad Month)

When you are known for your Soup & Salad Buffet, ya gotta talk about Salad and doubly so on Cinco de “Mayo” day!  

No “mayo” in this specialty salad, but one of our most requested salads is our Jicama Two Step with just the right southwest flavor kicks and unusual ingredients that our guests love. I always get a laugh hearing those not as familiar with jicama, trying to describe it to fellow diners or just pronounce it!  

I even had one sweet older lady, who thought it was our butter and suggested that we let it warm up more so that it would be easier to spread on her bread. (Jicama, sometimes known as the Mexican potato, is typically crunchy hard like a raw potato or radish, not really a spreadable option.)

One of our Texas cooks, Cori, brought the Jicama recipe to our attention, and although it is a bit timing consuming to prepare, it is worth the effort to enjoy this delicious and hearty salad. You can enjoy this salad at home as well, as it is included in our Collections of Baldpate cookbook!

Along with our fresh greens and bunches of toppings, perhaps you haven’t noticed the plan but we try with our specialty salads to feature a fruit salad, a vegetable salad and a sweet gelatin based salad. So we always looking for a new ingredient idea or flavor to incorporate. One of the newest is our Watermelon feta salad, wonderfully refreshing and delightfully simple to make!  

Not so easy, but one of the staff favorites is our Peachy Keen sweet salad.  Our refreshing peachy keen juice is a beverage enjoyed by our B&B guests during snack time each evening and so one of our creative staff members decided we needed to bring that flavor to the salad buffet.  A tricky combo of peaches, pudding and the famous keen mix, if you love the peachy goodness of this salad, you have “Doc Jeff” to thank!

Come enjoy our salad bar with a variety of specialty salads, or create your own delicious concoction! 
Written by Lois Smith

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