Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 94: Baldpate Staff Tribute: 1991 - 1995

Jen graduated in 1991 and MacKenzie in 1996, so we counted heavily on their high school friends for staff especially during those years. Working around their busy schedules, like homecoming weekends, were sometimes a challenge but worth it!

Staff 1991 hikers
Brad was the steady anchor we had come to depend on. He served as trainer, motivator, hiking guide, and first unofficial underpaid manager who helped us find balance with each new generation of staff.

Jen soon headed off to college in Pennsylvania, so she brought home some “easterners” and expanded our thoughts about hiring.  About this time, we realized Estes Park just didn’t have enough people to serve the summer implosion of travelers, so I recall going to the library to research colleges that had Hotel & Restaurant Management degrees. I sent out letters to each of these schools, offering summer learning experiences and actually received some responses!

Staff 1992
1994 was the first year that we hired an international student, Alex, from England. She was a joy to be around and brushed away all potential concerns for non-US help.  And that same year, my brother-in-law, Brad, was considering a change in occupation, so joined us at Front Desk and Assistant Manager.

Staff 1994
We’ve already shared the 1995 fun of having Prom at Baldpate, and our staff that year was remarkable as well!  Our team of Estes Park kiddos, Leigh, Joci, Justin, Brian, Jeff, Cori, Steve, Les and Ben, were joined by exceptional college students from as far away as Dan, Jim & Jenna from New York, Terese & Nicole from Pennsylvania and Rey (Jen’s new same birthday 'sister') from Georgia and those crazy Texans, Deb, Darren & Steve! Returners like Greg, Greta, Noel, Michael and Brad showed the new kids the ropes. 
Staff 1993

A new era for hiring had begun for us. Check out our Centennial Staff albums from over the years. 

Written by Lois Smith

Staff 1995 (Jump! Not just a song on the radio!)
Staff 1995

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