Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day 87: Food trends (Eat what you want Day)

At first glance, you might think having a restaurant, deciding on the theme, picking deco, and making a menu plan is a one time thing. Let me tell you, it’s not!

In the past thirty years, we’ve tried our best to find tasteful solutions for our guests that were on some special diet, be it South Beach, low carb, high protein, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten free, allergic to celery or nuts, and more! 

We have fielded some interesting questions as well along the way.  Are there nuts in your Pecan pie? What is rhubarb? Are there cowboys in your Cowboy Buffalo Stew?  Could you take the seed off my strawberries?

Thankfully most guests are in the game with us, looking for solutions that keep the flavor and banish the issues. We are always grateful when we get a recipe or substitution suggestion that really works.  Guess the good news is that since we make most all our food from scratch, we can often eliminate or replace troublesome items in our recipes. In doing so, we have systems in place to prevent cross-contamination as we best can.   In spite of our efforts, we are not a gluten free kitchen or strict certified Kosher kitchen as we do not have the space required for these strictest of culinary practices.

We do our very best to train and educate our entire staff as to our menu items and their makeup. As guests check in for our B&B we strive to always check for dietary restrictions. For several years we’ve had a dietary cheat sheet for our Dining Room Staff to us and give to dining guests who ask us about ingredients. We especially loved the ‘business card” idea a guest brought last year to alert us of her daughter’s challenges, just having that on the table throughout the meal was a super reminder to give extra consideration.  That idea spurred us to create our own table tent sign for these special guests.

So when you dine with us, as you have questions or concerns, we invite your inquiry of our ingredient details.  We truly want you to eat what you want every day!  

Written by Lois Smith 

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