Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 77: Baldpate Inn Weddings & Honeymoons, Part One

The Baldpate Inn has been a proud charter member of the Estes Park Wedding Association since its beginning, but brides are clearly nothing new to our spectacular location.

After finding this June 1921 news clipping from the Estes Park Trail, one has to wonder just how many couples have been married or honeymooned at Baldpate Inn in the past 100 years!

Unfortunately, I have been remiss by not keeping a list of our brides and grooms for the past 30 years, but yes we do certainly have quite a few favorite wedding stories... some we can tell, some not so much.

Of course we've had lots of crazy times at weddings -- the mother of the bride dancing on the tables, the bride who forgot to eat and missed the reception because she fainted (not to worry, we served their cake at breakfast the next day), the newlywed photos in front of the main fireplace when it appeared there were antlers coming from the groom’s head. There were snowy moments, late-arriving grandparents and DJs, and the groom who was embarrassed to mention they had broken their bed somehow! We've seen our share of strangely shaped cakes –the armadillo groom's cake or the unstable and sticky mountain of donut holes that they wanted rolled in the dining room at the last minute.

Jen & Pete, 2000

Of course my  favorite two Baldpate  weddings   were those of my own kids, Jen & Pete in 2000, and Mac & Holly in 2011. 

Jen & Bridesmaids
Mac & Holly, 2011

Mac & Holly
Written by Lois Smith

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