Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 91: Looking Back 100 Years (National Straw Hat Day)

100 years! So much has changed since 1917, when The Baldpate Inn opened its doors to guests. It was also the year that Estes Park was incorporated as a town. 

So let’s imagine a visit to The Baldpate Inn in 1917! There would be some considerable differences.
The Baldpate Inn, August 1930. How much our aspen forest has grown!

When you pack, remember to bring your straw hat. Today is National Straw Hat Day, and yes, in 1917, straw hats were striking the fashion scene.

How to get to The Baldpate Inn? Perhaps in your brand new Willys-Knight! Driving license optional. Coming from further away? A ride on the SantaFe Railroad may be your ticket.

Making those essential hotel reservations: a very different method than today’s easy online reservations.

Always important on vacation, remember to pack your cash. The buying power of $100 in 1917 would be $2,081.31 in 2017!

While there are many changes that have taken place over the last 100 years, what remains unchanged at The Baldpate Inn is the gracious hospitality, excellent food, stunning views, access to adventure, and cherished memories.

Written by Liz Rodgers

Inflation Calculation from DollarTimes

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