Saturday, May 20, 2017

Day 96: Baldpate Staff Tribute: 1996 - 2000

Staff 1997 shirt art
1996 & 1997 we were blessed with the return of 15 to 18 local Estes Park kids and a delightful staff of students from around the country.  Stars like Greta from Iowa had started working for us in the early 1990s and had become our backbone during those years. She recruited friends, and set the tone of authentic loving service for staff that was truly exemplary year after year.

Staff 1996
Honestly I can’t remember the first college job fair I attended, but I think it was University of Denver. It didn’t take long until I was on the job fair recruiting circuit, DU & CSU in Colorado, then on to New Mexico and Oklahoma State University, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Washington State. I really looked forward to these trips each spring, and loved getting to know hospitality professors and other industry leaders. Often there were guest speakers or seminars that helped me and gave me insight with the students.

1997 was not the first year that we had hired siblings, but our first year for twins! Always had to laugh that year at our guests’ amazement & concerned comments when they mistook Brent & Kent for seemingly 24 hour back to back shifts! We were fortunate to have Kent return for several years, working his way up to Hotel Manager before ‘retiring’ when he graduated from RIT.

A major shift occurred in 1998, the first year I owned the Inn by myself (I bought out Mike when we divorced).  Thankfully I had star returners to help me through those first years, and they helped train our new management team in Baldpate ways!

Staff 1999
1999 was a wonderful transition time, beginning our live theater staff production of Seven Keys to Baldpate. That year I did learn in spades that if you have your staff on stage, you will likely be short someone to wait tables and peel potatoes!

The gang of Midwesterners, Gina, Crea, Matt, Seth, Brian, Maggie and Neesha, over those years made those years magically fun.

We had been using nametags for several years but went uptown with real staff shirt uniforms.  With just a few variations, it is a tradition we still use today.

Once again we branched out to hire internationally, this time students from France and Canada. We all loved learning how to make authentic French crepes from Julian & Cyril.

Staff 2000
We were blessed in 2000 with another exceptional staff, including our two Rachels, returning from Iowa, and Kathy once again from Pennsylvania, the McLaughlin sisters from Estes Park and the Bradly sisters from Texas.

You’ll get a kick from our Centennial Staff albums from over the years.

Written by Lois Smith

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