Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Day 86: Front Desk Fun (National Receptionist Day)

Today is National Receptionist Day, and while The Baldpate Inn doesn’t have a receptionist in the traditional sense, our Front Desk Associates serve as the warm welcome for the Inn. Working in the hospitality industry, it’s a surefire bet that every day is going to be different and interesting!

Family friend Harold was our first front desk man, and could patiently visit with guests, keep our books flawless and still always have time to give a hug or take a homesick staff member out to dinner!

Front desk is definitely one for juggling multi-taskers. Moving between three computer reservation systems, maitre’d for the restaurant, ringing phones, guests and staff constantly coming and going, and keeping the lobby fire going, just counting back change from a check can be challenging, not to mention finally balancing the books at the end of a busy day.

Folks love our front desk signs, especially this extra charge warning. Keeping that positive attitude when someone arrives grouchy, does take a special amount of good nature and understanding.

Giving the “tour” to our B&B guests, explaining the shared bath option and finding solutions (be it moving guest rooms or passing out earplugs) for our historically non-soundproof walls, all add to the adventures at Front Desk.

During snack time in the evening however, when the pace is slower, Front Desk staff often enjoys the best quality time visiting with guests around the fireplace. Stories are shared and connections made, from favorite hikes or even discovering that guests are from a town just next to their hometown. Do you have a Baldpate front desk story to share? 

There have been many surprises along the way, from shall-we-say older perceptions that ladies can’t serve as a bellhop hauling luggage, to folks showing up at the “wrong” hotel, but opting to stay at The Baldpate, due to its rustic charm and warm cornbread.

One Front Desk staffer was quite surprised at a dining guest’s request, but unhesitatingly rushed back to the kitchen to request “MORE MEATLOAF!” She thought she had been missing the meatloaf all summer, but as it turns out, the request was for our homemade honey “wheat loaf!”

Rain or sun, our Front Desk Staff shine with a willingness to serve. So today, we salute the Front Desk staff of The Baldpate Inn, always happy to greet and assist the travel-worn passengers of life as they reach the oasis of The Baldpate Inn. 

Written by Liz Rodgers & Lois Smith

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