Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 92: Baldpate Staff Tribute: The Earliest Years - 1987

We so treasure when alumni staff or their family members stop by to share their memories from their days at Baldpate. You may have noticed these wonderful staff photos from the 1940s, but we really have so very little information about those earliest days other than a few letters inquiring about work or mentions in our advertising like “same cook.”    We would love to learn more! What do you recall?


Fast forward to 1985 when the Mace’s granddaughter, Leeann and her husband, Don, had just reopened the Inn after some major renovations.  

1985 is really the beginning of our modern staff photo journal, and as well a fun connection to later years with a “next generation” staff member nearly 30 years later. (Stay tuned for those stories.)

Trying to decide the best way to share what we know about our Baldpate Staff, I wish we’d keep better labels on our photos, for even now 30 years later, sometimes we struggle with just which year each staff member was part of the team. So as we reminisce if I put someone in the wrong year, you will just have to forgive me. But do enjoy and add to our throwback pictures and stories from your “era”!

Written by Lois Smith

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