Saturday, April 29, 2017

Day 75: Summer in The Keys

Summer in the Keys, celebrating Summer Solstice, was one of our first promotions. As much as we love the traditional look of our dining room, sometimes it is just fun to change it up a bit, do a special focus and get a new t-shirt! 

If you ask a college student about summer, beer is going to enter the conversation somewhere! Since we serve Fat Tire and had a former employee working with New Belgium brewery (and especially appreciate their sustainability efforts), Fat Tire Friday was a natural fit for our promo celebrating summer.

Over the years we have had to stay even more creative depending on the actual day Summer Solstice falls. We have enjoyed such clever options as Travel Tuesday, Wine Spritzer Wednesday, Touring Thursday, Flipflop Friday, Sunglasses Saturday, and Sunday Sundae.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t smile to see a mini umbrella on their piece of pie?  Or a grass skirt on a bathtub?

So around Wednesday June 21, 2017, think of celebrating Summer in the Keys with us!

Written by Lois Smith

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