Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 63: Speed Demons, Baldpate Vehicles

Photos from our scrapbooks document Baldpate vehicles over time, some basic transportation, others real workhorses, and even some celebrating leisure time!



Since I have always had a heavy duty Jeep I am always especially amazed looking at the snow photos, wondering how it was possible without 4 wheel drive to get along in those days.

Totally had to laugh when I found this postcard to “Mr. Speed Mace” in a scrapbook along with the car wreck photo, advising "Check speedometer readings regularly!"   I am certainly not picking fun at Mr. Mace, for unfortunately among my personal vices is a lead foot, and my kids tease me that I should never pay off a car loan, because that seems to mean some immediate trauma with my “7 keys” Jeep!


Sometimes it involves an unfortunate deer or elk, sometimes it is ice on the road, sometimes me driving, sometimes someone else! But never the less, safely negotiating Highway 7 it seems is historically a challenge for Baldpate owners!

Written by Lois Smith

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