Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day 55: Baldpate Blessings

I know that The Baldpate Inn has brought blessings to many people in many ways. For me, it has been a steadfast haven and inspiring influence throughout my life.

Baldpate has brought my family together. It was purchased by my aunt and uncle when I was very young, and during the early years, my family would pack up the van and head up to Estes Park for a weekend of work and fun. As previously mentioned, I wasn’t much help in the beginning, mostly eating, running around and starting fires. However, I always LOVED spending time with my very cool cousins and brothers, who were always up for an adventure. 

After my first summer of college, I was very excited to officially work at The Baldpate Inn. I had a wonderful summer, finally able to experience the magic of Baldpate for the duration of a season. In addition to all the benefits of an employee, I was blessed to see my Aunt Lois in a new light. Tough as nails when needed, with a loving heart that kept others' best interests first, I was impressed with her invincible positive attitude, work ethic, creativity, sense of humor, faith, and generosity. I knew without a doubt that I was blessed to be family with such an inspiring woman! 

When I graduated from college, I was a bit daunted as to what to do next. Again, Lois opened the Baldpate doors for me, providing not just a place to live and work, but a safe haven to consider life’s options. Lois and I shared conversations about my future, and I greatly appreciate her wisdom. She even helped me appreciate my boyfriend (now husband), noting his willingness to jump in and humbly help out around Baldpate, even though he wasn’t employed there. 

Once again, when life took an unexpected turn, Lois was there, with an opportunity to help collaborate on this blog! Although I’ve enjoyed researching and writing about The Baldpate Inn (who knew there was so much to know?!) and discovering how blogs work (some days more fun than others), the best part has been working and laughing with my Aunt Lois and Cousin Jen. 

My amazing Aunt Lois has shaped who I am and where I am today, because of her great love and exemplary example. She has taught me many things (beyond an appreciation of daily alliteration)! I am so very blessed by her, as I know all those who have encountered her are; she truly makes the world a better and brighter place!  
Written by Liz Rodgers

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