Saturday, April 8, 2017

Day 54: Seven Scintillating Facts

How many of these beguiling facts do you know?

1. Our massive stone fireplace in the lobby served as a main heating element as well as the hot water heater via the large “radiator” grate in the back.  Bet you never noticed that before!  Ole time Staff members recall the job of keeping the fire going all night to provide “hot” running water for guests each day.

2. Originally, there was a balcony on the roof of the existing deck, not sure when it was put up or taken down, but the view must have been something!

3. How Baldpate is protected? First by our Sears lighting rod equipment on the side of the Main Lodge building. (There are so many storms, evidently it works!) 

4. Historically, Baldpate has also been protected by the International Detective Agency, as evidenced by this official brass sign. (Today more by our friends with our local Larimer County Sheriff Department!)

5. Did you know there are 7 doors to Baldpate’s Main Lodge and one door has no key?  Which one?  One of our favorite news stories, this one from 2009 by Bob Pierce reveals the secret. 

6. The quilts and duvets on the all beds were handmade by Lois, each unique and with a key theme. (Lois note: Sounded like a simple idea when I saw the “make-a-quilt-in-just-8-hours” article in some magazine, but after 30 some, glad I’m done.  Have to give Mac the credit for adding the key idea, it really was fun!)

7. Our Town of Estes Park and The Baldpate Inn both originated in 1917. As part of celebrations and sharing our 75th birthday honors, in 1992, The Baldpate Inn was commemorated in bronze relief as a part of twelve historic panels created by Carol Cunningham that are displayed downtown

Written by Lois Smith, Liz Rodgers, and Jen Macakanja

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