Saturday, April 15, 2017

Day 61: Baldpate Collectables

Not quite sure what was Baldpate’s first merchandise, but it’s fascinating the variety of items that folks have brought to show us that we did not even know existed.

Baldpate Inn Medalion
Along with our famed recipes Collection Book, our signature mugs have always been big souvenirs for our guests, but when we added our own jewelry line, we later discovered it was not a Baldpate first!

The Zaegler family from Texas showed us this family bracelet treasure, which has 7 keys (of course) with a medallion that says “Baldpate Inn Estes Rocky Mt Nat’l Park.”  Wish we knew the date it was sold.

In recent years, we were so honored when a guest suggested the help of their daughter, Allison, at RockLove Jewelry of NYC to design and create custom pieces for us. Available as an ornament, necklace pendant, and key chain, the custom work of art she designed is beloved by all!

Found this old candle holder sketch from our archives, of a piece planned at some time, with later correspondence that indicates the cost was too great to ever be produced.

It seems rather odd that we evidently sold pottery ashtrays at one time, since many have told us that Ethel was famous for putting out cigarettes, not liking her guests to smoke at the Inn. We have been smoke free since 1986.

We were honored when an Estes Park business friend suggested we apply for a Cats Meow famous buildings design, and thrilled to have been made part of the collection.  Sadly, no longer available, it’s still a great collector item.
Cat's Meow rendition of The Baldpate Inn
Local artist, Michael Ricker, also produced custom key pieces for us in his pewter line. With the artist gone and our inventory depleted, these pieces have joined the collectible circle.

Another personal favorite is our Baldpate watercolor card created by Nancy Axell.

It really has been so fascinating over the years to work with artists in so many mediums to attempt to capture Baldpate for our travelers.

Not to worry, we still have lots of treasures available and even some fun new ones for our 100th year! Mugs, books, and more! What’s your favorite?

Written by Lois Smith

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