Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Day 51: 4th of July Celebrations, Baldpate Style

The Fourth of July is a holiday celebrated in rich tradition and style at The Baldpate Inn. 

Both the Smith and Mace families have a strong history of military service, and we are all very grateful for our nation and the service of our troops.  We've always tried to honor our active duty military with a discount when they visit, but July 4th calls for even more Baldpate fun.

To celebrate, staff dresses festively and quite patriotically! 

We add a few decorations, think flags and lots of bunting on the front railings and special snacks (think jigglers in the shape of stars!)  for our guests as well.

Not sure how many gals have had the honor of wearing what we call the "Betsy Ross" dress, a polyester holdover from the nations bicentennial in 1976!

As dusk deepens over the Rocky Mountains, guests and staff gather on the deck to enjoy special 4th of July snacks, and gaze down into Estes valley, where fireworks are launched over Lake Estes.

In the early days, once we got the guests in bed, the staff enjoyed a smaller scale pyrotechnic celebration: a shared moment of childlike delight, twirling sparklers against the darkening sky.

Come join us for the festivities this 4th of July!

Written by Liz Rodgers

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