Sunday, April 16, 2017

Day 62: Leaving the Lights On for You! (Easter)

“We’ll leave the light on for you!” was something a national hotel chain has used as a motto over the years, but I think it was really first said by some mom.  Well actually before that, God!

Perhaps you have never noticed, but over the front entry door at Baldpate Inn is a small sign that says, “May God bless all who enter here.” The sign was here when we came, and it has remained. Let me tell you right up front, I’ve received more than my share of those blessings.

As I was discussing with a friend recently, in today's “politically correct” business world, being outspoken about one’s religious views is a minefield, but in my opinion, essential to honesty.

At Baldpate, I would hope that each traveler feels the accepting presence of God’s love and light as they visit. Perhaps it may come from the restorative value of our beautiful surroundings of nature, or from an especially kind word or action from one of our staff.  
Hopefully our Baldpate Mission Statement and operating values are so evidently practiced, that you don’t even need to ask what they are, yet we are human and do still make errors in judgment and action. While sometimes exceedingly difficult to receive, complaints and bad reviews do happen in spite of our lofty intentions.  In reality, most often even those comments are light for us, helping us see where we can improve! (As my staff gets tired of hearing me say, if you don’t know it’s broken, you won’t fix it!)

So on this Easter Sunday, I am grateful for many things that have brought God’s Light to me, and I hope that you receive some extra light and love on each visit to Baldpate.

We’ll leave the lights on for you!

Written by Lois Smith

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